Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3 minute NO SEW Pillow Cover!

Brighten your bed or sofa this Spring with new pillow covers! 
New Pillow Covers!  NO ZIPPER!  NO PIPING!  NO SEW!
When ready for a change--just untie your fabric and make something like a totebag, apron or our GIFTBAG
I discovered this video a few days ago...Maybe its new to some of you, too!   I tried it on 2 different pillows--watch the video and read below for some helpful information.

How much fabric?
32" square will cover a 16" pillow
36" square will cover a 18" pillow
40" square will cover a 20" pillow
If you need a pillow to cover--an economical option (cheap)--
get the cheapest bed pillows you can find--
squish the batting to one end and cut off the fabric at the end so pillow is 18 inches long--baste open end closed--
this should make a pillow about 18 inches square!

Easy way to CUT a SQUARE
Fold fabric in half along length--
Then Fold across
measure equal distances and cut along open edges to make a square!

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