Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sew Pretty! VINTAGE Sewing Box for Sale

One of a Kind!
 Just Look at the beautiful needlepoint on this large sewing box!

$ 41.99

Come see us -
or call 410-546-1656

14" wide  11 1/4" depth  8 1/2" tall
Removable tray with spool pins

Antique Wilcox and Howe Treadle Sewing Machines for Sale

 CLICK on PICTURES to Zoom in a little closer!

First:  A WILCOX MACHINE in a beautiful and RARE Cabinet with coffin top, 8 accessory drawers and a drop leaf!
Original Hardware
     Cabinet Width    32 1/2" 
               (44"  with side leaf up)
                   Depth    17 1/2"
                   Height   29 1/4"
                (38 1/4" with coffin top)


with coffin top


with leaf up --drawers open
pretty "Butterfly" pedal

Great Price!

Next:  A HOWE MACHINE with rich wood casing and drawer!
 Cabinet Width     26"
              Depth     15"
              Height   29 3/4" 
                (37" with coffin top) 


drawer on left side 

with coffin top 

Take it home for

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just a little happy Valentine box!

There's an intriguing site called The Toymaker with all kinds of interesting little paper projects to cut and fold!
I found this little treat box...
The site gives you a free PDF to print on card stock to make your own boxes!
 CLICK ON the picture above to get the free PDF!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


PLEASE make a note that we will be closed on
Sunday, Monday AND TUESDAY
during the winter season

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Treat Yourself!

or make a special treasure for someone you treasure.
Over the years I have seen several variations of a "teacup pincushion"-- Pretty much a circle of fabric stuffed and glued into a pretty teacup--with a very pleasing result--
Today I want to share an idea (with tutorial) that happened to stumble into my Facebook Feed (Funny how that happens!)
What a wonderful way to use even a damaged teapot--
Pins and needles in the top and other sewing essentials tucked inside!

(or click on the teapot picture!)