Thursday, February 26, 2015

a bit o' green stitchin' for ye

GREENS are the DEAL next week--
just $6.99 per yard
So...I traveled the Internet machine --looking for FREE and what I thought kinda nice projects for MARCH--specifically St. Patrick's Day--that could be finished in the "wink o' a leprechaun"!

Click each picture to go to tutorial! Bonner's 12" shamrock block--just a few blocks would make a great table runner or throw--BONUS: She also gives directions for 18" and 24" BIG BLOCKS. JUST 1 Big Block with a Border makes a wall hanging or table topper.   

I love free motion quilting!  I can hardly wait to try Lori Kennedy's Irish Chain free motion stitching! 
Many of you also knit and crochet--Here's a couple of quick little shamrocks to embellish bigger projects or notecards or make them into a pin or barrette! 
OK--In a hurry?  Here's one that will literally take you less than 2 minutes!--Add a little button or stitches for some pizzazz!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shortcuts to Free Pattern Land!

 (If you clicked the last 2 before 5pm Thursday--Links were broken--should be all fixed now-- )

Traveling through the World Wide Web--I found a few pattern downloads for new fabrics we have at the shop--Just click on the "CLICK HERE"  for a shortcut to each pattern!
 Besties Forever and Snuggle Buddies are both from Quilting Treasures and coordinate fabrics are interchangeable--and of course we have many other fabrics in colors and patterns that would match well!

CLICK HERE   for Besties Forever pattern


Well--time has run out for today--I hope to find more in the future

Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the Border...

       "Border Prints" Not Just for Borders!

It's time to revisit BORDER PRINTS--
A while ago we shared this easy child's quilt made with a border print and a backing--that's it!  Border prints look great used for a "row" quilt like this!
      Cut a border print as a PANEL--add borders
with or without corner squares to make another quick gift for someone sweet.
      Some quilter's enjoy getting creative with  free motion quilting as much as or more than piecing--Spending LESS time on piecing means you have MORE time for machine quilting to make it special!

And of course--Border Prints are great for...well, BORDERS! Make it easy by doing just top and bottom borders with special strips--add a print for side borders.  
*Here are 2 examples using printed borders for top and bottom(2 different borders from the same bolt!)

   After cutting the borders--the fabric leftover will make cute coordinating bibs and burpcloths--or incorporate into blocks of the quilt.
    We used  our "Simply Rails 'n Strips Pattern ($3) -- using 12 blocks and a border for one of the quilts..


Here are border prints you will find at The Dusty Attic!
Keep Scrolling--after making my fancy collage--I decided to look for more border bolts--then after THAT picture I found ONE more cotton border and ONE more flannel border

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not Your Cup o' Tea?

We all have Fabric in our stash that we find and say...
"What was I thinking?!"
Maybe somebody gave it to you--and you say...
"What were they thinking?!
What to Do, What to DoHere's a little brainstorm--
 SO... I'm thinking about next week's
 $2.99 is cheaper that Muslin---
$2.99 is cheaper than the cheap white flannel--
 $2.99 is cheaper than the batting--

Come check out the Mystery Deal next week and 
pick up a few yards of "BARGAIN'!
Even if...
 What you see...
is not your...