Mary Beth's Original Design-- The WOW! Bag

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The WOW! Bag  and WOW! Jr. are original patterns designed by
Mary Beth Scarborough at The Dusty Attic Fabric and Quilt Shop.
Patterns are $10 each. 
  To order patterns wholesale:
Brick and Mortar shops may contact Mary Beth at 410-546-1656 or
  When traveling or shopping--it's wonderful to open the bag up and have DOUBLE the space.  One friend has made several of the original WOW! Bags to give to NEW MOMS--they can pack the tote with everything they need for the hospital--and open it up to pack it with all the extra baby gifts and goodies coming home!
 Here's a look at the original LARGE "duffel" opened
with the finished measurements!
Look at all that fits inside!

The WOW! Jr. pattern has directions for TWO sizes:
The medium "handbag" size and the small size that is perfect as a little girl's purse or a "big girl's" cosmetic case.
Like the original they open up to double size!

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  1. This is a fantastic website and idea. I do not sew but I love the craft and art value behind quilts. I remember going to the Essence Music Festival about 14 years ago and there was a display of Quilts from all over the country. They were soooooo beautiful. I have one handmade quilt from Ghana. I purchased it for my grandmother. She passed in 2003 and it came back to my home. I love it. It has tie & dye designs. I tend to appreciate more contemporary quilts. I hope to purchase one this year. Fruitland is so far from Belcamp, MD. I wish it was closer.