Thursday, September 11, 2014

You learn something new every day!

       I bought my daughter in North Dakota one of our terrific LED lights (the floor model) so she could actually see the stitches she embroiders on the ornaments and hoop art she creates.
(The dim lighting in apartment just wasn't "doing it").  So I put it together for her and set it next to her bed where she usually works so "little people" in the home don't get into the needles and pins... the first thing dear daughter says when I turn it on in the dark room--
    "Look, Girls!  It's SHADOWS!!!" 
which delighted my little granddaughters beyond excitement...and so there is yet another reason to LOVE these LIGHTS--Shadowplay.
Dobeedo is 3 yr old Ivy's beloved stuffed sheep.
Posted by Cindy
P.S.  If you ever need a spotlight for a spontaneous "talent show" by your kids...

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