Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beautiful Idea--Chair Weaving from your Stash!

       I fell in love with this rocking chair when Angela, my talented friend from Mississippi, posted it on Facebook.  It's such a great idea--I just couldn't keep it to myself! 
       Whether your stash is bulging from too many "never will use in a quilt" fabrics or you crave a new way to decorate with fabric, this, my dears, is one beautiful idea!
      CLICK HERE to view Angela's tutorial--"How to weave a Chair Bottom" and to see more projects using this technique!  You can "start small" with a footstool or doll chair.
Chair weaving-Angela McInnis

Also from Angela--Fabric Rosette instructions:
"Use a piece of fabric 44" long and as wide as you like...for the rocking chair I used 2 1/2" -3" wide. Fold the fabric lengthwise. Hold at one end and begin winding around to make the center...add a touch of hot glue every inch or so. Once the center is stationary (about two times around)  twist the folded fabric and continue wrapping and gluing the twisted fabric around the center until it's as large as you want. Keep the fabric folded as you twist. This will make petals. Glue every inch or so. Keep a bowl of cool water close by. Dip your fingers in it before using the glue will help your fingertips not get so burned!"

A little doll bed like this would be a great project to practice "weaving"!

Angela is also quite the story teller! 
For some delightful Southern Humor---CLICK HERE

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