Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome Little Half Yard!

Introducing Half Yard Cuts
We've had 1 1/2 yard and 1 yard pre-cuts for about a year...
We have cut even more yard cuts and NOW we have a great selection of 1/2 yard precuts. 

So...What can you do with a Half Yard?
We are glad you asked!
(7) 2 1/2" strips for binding-- enough for a 60 x 75 throw
or... enough for a narrow border!

or... Quilt with a backing, Bind
or... just sew 2 half yards RST-Turn-Press-Topstitch
Voila!! Almost instant Table Runner 
or... Make (2) Table napkins
or... Make our sweet gift bag--pattern only $2.50 
or... Sew Short sides together--Hem one long side
Make casing with elastic on other long side
TADA!!  A little girl's skirt!

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