Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busy Bodies Begins! Part 2


 Do you remember the first "Family Vacation" you took minus one of your family--siblings--children?  You knew it was inevitable-they grow up, have jobs, go to college, get married".  So the wonderful Family Event somehow has a hole in it. While enjoying the scenery, the food, the cabin, theme park, etc. a little voice in your heart keeps whispering " I wish he was here to see this",  "...what a shame she is isn't here to enjoy this-I MISS HER", "he won't have this memory with the rest of us",  "she's not in ANY of the pictures!"
      So what does that have to do with Busy Bodies?  Just this:  Our minds and hearts are bursting with ideas and excitement for the coming year of quilting camaraderie as we tackle the hidden depths of our stashes and share the joy of seeing our TO DO lists shrink.  There will be bonuses, special discounts, opportunities to sew together, in addition to growing your Dusty Attic Dollar account.  It's going to be really fun, BUT IF we do it WITHOUT YOU--you will be missed.

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