Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review Time! 505 Basting Spray and Quilter's Dream FUSION

 For BASTING the Top and Backing of Larger quilt projects to batting(and smaller projects too!)--We recommend 505 SPRAY--Temporary Fabric Adhesive.  Just a light coat creates a good bond. If some wrinkles along the way--just pull up and reposition fabric.  The adhesive holds well and will not leave excessive gummy residue on needles.  Wins the "Money Well Spent" Prize.
BYE BYE tedious Pin and Thread Basting!

Fusible Cotton Batting?  Yes, indeed!  This IS the same wonderful, soft 100% cotton  batting from Quilter's Dream that we have recommended to you for years--but with fusible fibers on one side!
I was curious and bought the "twin" for the bed quilt I was making my grandson(more about that later!)
FIRST: the GOOD news is that this batting comes in many sizes, is very easy to work with and fuses smoothly and securely.  Also,  Press with a Dry iron according to enclosed directions--you can reposition your fabric but if you Press with Steam a strong permanent bond is created-while the batting stays very soft.
NEXT:  The Not So Good news is I was using it for a pretty big quilt--When I bought it, I assumed it fuses both sides--Hmmmm--IF it had been fusible on both sides, how would I have managed THAT!?
I did FUSE the Dream Fusion to the BACKING, but I'm here to tell you that 68" by 86" takes a good while to press. (Basted the Top on with 505 Spray)
We recommend:
     Quilter's Dream FUSION is a softer, natural cotton alternative to the slightly stiffer fusible polyester fleece.  Ideal for adding soft body to  purses, bags, table toppers, clothing, and other small projects.  It's PERFECT for fusing the backing to batting in Quilt as You Go projects.   MORE GOOD NEWS that may surprise you--Adding up cost by square inch--it actually costs LESS than fusible fleece!  

Both the Dream FUSION Batting and 505 are in stock now at The Dusty Attic!
by Cindy

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